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Looking for a fun weekend activity to keep your kids engaged and productive?


Our workshop class provides a free-form environment where students will be able to create to their heart’s content without the obligation of following a set schedule. Each day there are multiple activities planned out where kids can choose what to create and whom to create it with.


Whether drilling away at a project on their own or collaborating with a team, there’s something for every aspiring artist within these weekend walls.


Saturday Workshops


Students from 8 to 12 years old


This free workshop is designed to introduce kids to hardware programming. We will use mBot by Makerblock (small car robots that can be programmed using coding blocks) to program sensors, lights, and make simple games.

mBot's microcontroller, a simple block-based programming language on the Makerblock website.  Through project-based learning, you'll leave with the skills and experience to tackle your own wild ideas at home!

No need to bring computers or mBot's everything is provided at school.

PLEASE NOTE:  Workshops are the same, please pick one day only when registering. 

Coding Butterfly

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