We did Scratch, what's next?

August 9, 2018

When I talk to parents who bring their kids to Coding Butterfly, over and over again I find myself having the same type of conversations and answering the same question.

Kids express an interest in technology, so parents try to find ways for them to engage in learning activities.

But they want to know what’s next.


They sign their kids up for day camps during the summer where kids can play sports, spend time outdoors and even engage in STEM/STEAM-based learning sessions.


Or they look for coding camps where there are a range of activities for kids. However, these camps run the gamut from High End maker spaces with very expensive machines all the way to camps with “educational toys” that have a very loosely structured STEAM focus. 


They seek out after-school coding and robotics clubs where kids have space to try out different programs (like MineCraft, Scratch, and 3D Modeling), most of which are project based and can spark kids’ interest and, hopefully, make them want to learn more. 


Some parents choose online programs, such as  Code.org, Kodable, and KhanAcademy, which have large numbers of courses available for kids to begin learning how to code.


There’s no question that these parents love the fact that their kids are into technology, and these same parents understand the importance of teaching kids to program at an early age (in much the same way you want to teach kids a new language).  But these parents all have the same question:


What’s next? 


What happens after the camp is over?  What comes after watching ten online videos about coding? What happens after a kid spends some time on Scratch, but isn’t motivated to work on it once the project is done?


The answer is: Coding Butterfly.  We are what’s next. 


Our classes offer the structure, curriculum and instruction needed for your child to come home and show you the app that they designed from Scratch (pun intended).


Our classes you will give your child the ability to start with one language and then learn another one in one month because they understand the fundamentals.


Our classes offer kids a place to learn from teachers who are great programmers, designers, and gamers, and who are able to pass the passion of technology on to your child. 


Because at Coding Butterfly we firmly believe that while technology will change, fundamentals will not.

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