Meet the Edison Bot

February 21, 2018


For many of us our childhoods are dominated by playtime that involves building and creating. Perhaps most traditionally, LEGO has offered one of the most popular forms through which children have been able to engage in play that incorporates both creativity and design.



However, with the advancements in modern day technology creative play has taken monumental strides in providing children with new and innovative ways to engage in this sort of unique, customizable and imaginative play.


Melding the traditional with modern technological advancements the Edison Bot designed by Australian company Microbric, incorporates LEGO compatibility with the advancement of present-day basic robotics to provide kids with a toy that is completely programmable using a number of drag and drop options.


The Edison Bot provides a simple way for children to get an introduction to programming and robotics in a way that is both fun and engaging, using a hands on approach and quick results to get kids interested in all that robotics and computer programming has to offer.


But how exactly does the Edison Bot work? Well, the Edison Bot is equipped with a number of different sensors including a sound sensor, light sensors and a line tracking sensor. Each of the sensors located within the Edison Bot operate using open source software that allows users to use different programming techniques to customize their bot and truly make it their own.


The Edison Bot primarily utilizes a software program called Edware, that operates similar to common programming software Scratch, to allow users to drag and drop commands into the program and customize their bot experience. Then, users can plug their bot in using the headphone jack on their computer and upload the programming updates they have made directly into their bot.


Besides programming, the LEGO compatible surface that the Edison Bot is equipped with provides another means through which kids can get creative while engaging with this toy. The surface allows for additional LEGO pieces to be added creating the option for customization into fancier more decorative creations that can be easily interchanged and totally different each time!


Creative play has long since been a favorite pastime of children and holds a vast amount of benefits when it comes to their development. Not only can creative play work to exercise a child’s imagination, but it can help them with their problem solving abilities, logic skills and build an understanding of cause and effect relationships. The Edison Bot provides a prime example of the modern advancement of creative play. Incorporating design, computer programming and an introduction to basic robotics the Edison Bot provides an important and exciting addition to creative playtime for any kid with an interest in technology and design.

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