Introduce your kids to coding and computer science with Coding Butterfly.  


Book a free 30-minute lesson to start your kids' coding journey. 

Learning programming is always fun if it’s taught in a proper way. It’s easier for kids to grab things very quickly. We teach coding classes for kids with a practical approach. All our teaching experts have large experience from various backgrounds, but the common thing what all they have is ‘love of teaching’. We help children to discover the unlimited number of possibilities and opportunities. 

Sign up for a demo class for kids to try our hands-on approach. Thus kids can explore more in their interested areas. This makes kids more prone to fun learning. Creative teaching is making all the theory part in design and automation. So our 4-step learning process includes creative electronics with 3D printing, robotics and then move to Python in the next coding level.

Our main focus is to allow children to have fun activityes, and also teach them practical sessions. They need to work on each and every module to deeply understand the concepts. Thus making them innovators of the future.

Children feel the joy of learning when arts are combined with concepts be it music, dance, drawing, painting, action etc. So to make it in a creative way, passionate teaching experts are required for which we already have with years of experience.

There is one-to-one mentoring available to every kid with the assigned coding expert to analyze the mindset of a particular and proceed accordingly. Guidance and mentorship are available at all stage of learning.
First, the kids are taught on creative electronics part with 3D-Printing demo classes.

Here students get an opportunity to face challenging questions which indirectly gives them a way to come up with new ideas and information. Development of mind-calculations plays an important role here. Once the student performs well in the first stage, he can move into the second stage of learning Robotics.

If a student finds it difficult to perform best in the first stage, then that student is constantly monitored applying various creative strategies. Finding the best way possible to attract students towards practical learning is in the hands of our experts and we make sure that every kid comes out with flying colors. 

In the second stage, Robotics is taught with a basic understanding of what it is all about and how it actually used in our day-to-day activities. Robotics is a very vast subject in Electronics and also new updations coming up every now and then.

To keep pace with the recent trends, every teacher is assigned with a group of students to closely monitor them on a personalized level. Every small concept is explained clearly until every student in the group get a clear picture of how it works.
This type of personalized teaching increases the level of confidence in students and boosts them to explore more and more in the focussed areas. Thus their passion for learning increases exponentially with our expert guidance
We are committed to high standards of teaching to help students master the materials and information as they put their imagination to work and bringing their ideas to life.


The more the students taste in the path of learning the more enthusiasm it brings to move up the learning ladder with their own interest.
Once Robotics step is done, then our students are moved to the next level, i.e. coding. Actually many think that coding is difficult but the reality is that if a student is good at basic mathematical and analytical thinking, then he or she can easily get the solutions for any type of code. 

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