2020-21 Classes  

Programming can be a lot of fun – especially when you combine it with art. Who would have thought that you can use technology to express yourself in a way your kids did not even think about? Digital art lets you use all exciting technological advantages to create awesome art pieces that would be way harder to lose compared to their paper-made counterparts! You can get your pictures to come to life with Web Animation, create awesome collages out of digitally altered photographs, or even create a 3D model of your beloved pet and print it on a 3D printer. 

Adding coding to art makes it even more manageable! Imagine how fun would it be to create a short game out of your doodles! 


And this is what Coding Butterfly is all about. We have courses for kids where art and computer science meet. We teach programming language as an art form and bring logical and abstract thinking into art. We bring the analytical skills through visuals and make visuals to be seen tangled together with mathematics.


We do not focus on games because we feel it is a venue that children already explore a lot. We value solid adulation and believe that new knowledge can be as exciting and a new toy or game. We want to show our child a way to live, to learn, and study by opening a creative path in a big world of computer science. We ask questions, we discuss different ways of approaching solutions to problems.


Our main principle is that real discoveries are self-discoveries and we simply try to inspire and ignite the process. The goal is to get your child into thinking “why” and not only “what” and “how”.

Coding Butterfly

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